Curated by Anna Kustera

New York City

March 3-9, 2020

Collectors/Press Preview
Tuesday, March 3, 11am-5pm

VIP Opening Night
Tuesday, March 3, 5-9pm

Regular Show Days
March 4-9, 11am-8pm

For our presentation at Spring/Break Art Show, artist Bonnie Collura will create an immersive installation made entirely from repurposed and donated cloth. Inspired by the dome in Bernini’s Sant’ Andrea al Quirinale and a collapsible, mid-century egg basket, Open Sky is a hanging form constructed from numerous quilted strips with pliant walls and diamond shaped holes. This fulcrum form is placed in the center of the room, making it a place to gather under as well as a place to see outwards. Each strip is patchworked, from differing sourced and donated fabrics. Some of these donations honor a person who is living, others honor people who have passed. Since a person can view all sides of Open Sky, it will push bodies to be in close proximity to one another enveloping them within the politics of the patchwork.

Also included, a series of photographs titled “Quilt Avatars” which are images of specific sections of Open Sky that have been altered in Adobe Illustrator, revealing a high detail of the fabrics color and pattern. Their symmetry creates a Rorschach type of composition where the fabric oddly becomes figurative or alien. A wooden pallet containing a large pile of fabric remnants will be placed on the floor that viewers are invited to take.

In Collura’s recent sculptural work, carved and cast pieces are fitted or sewn together, combining elements of figuration with quilt making. Her unique style of mashing fabric into the work challenges constructs of the relevance of a stable figurative form. Unlike the rigid form of sculpture, the fabric is resistant to being repositioned exactly the same way twice. In this coupling, Collura parallels the soft form construction with the lineage of quilting and needlecraft, often historically synonymous with women.

Bonnie Collura’s artwork has been exhibited in major galleries and museums for over 20 years. She currently lives and works in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, where she is a full Professor at Penn State University, teaching in the School of Visual Arts.

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